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In Copenhagen there is a freetown called Christinia, it’s basically where all pot heads go to get high. Some interesting information from talking to the locals is that in the early 70’s this little area in the middle of Copenhagen was deserted and not in use for several years. Homeless started taking it over and other locals opened up some shops with out asking anyone or buying any property. They just moved in. Well why not no one else bothered to. Of course lots of drugs rolled in and the community got together and decided what could stay and what needed to go. No Junkies allowed.

I tried to take more photos but was instantly told to stop. No cameras or video recording. They were worried that the authorities would find out. Hmmm Come on like they don’t know already. I felt i was walking into a theme park for pot heads. I’m sorry but I think that its a little foolish to think that my videotaping is going to send the whole community to prison. It was a very cool area and lots i mean tons of people. Even a guy sleeping on a bench with his penis hanging out. Once again tried to get a photo but…

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