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Hmmm, we are walking by a butcher shop in Kathmandu, Nepal when I noticed a slab of meat moving. I notice a Rat tugging on it. From what the restaurant told me is that they pick up their meat from the butcher shop as ordered from the menu. There are many butcher shops in Kathmandu so who knows where our hotel was getting theirs from. I wish that I had a better camera but all I had on me was my iphone.

Buddhist Monks in a ritual in Nepal. Walked into a temple in a local town to find the sounds of drums. We walked in quietly and took a short video.

The Stupa of Bodhanath lies 8 km east of Kathmandu.

Deanna and I at Monkey Temple in Kathmandu

Temple in Nepal watching people pray

Deanna in Nepal, Kathmandu getting Henna on her arms. It lasted about two weeks.

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